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Nicolet CZ ltd. is an exclusive representative of U.S.A. company Thermo Scientific for Czech Republic. Thermo Scientific is a world leading manufacturer of Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectrometers Nicolet (FT-IR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman), dispersive Raman spectrometers and all accessories for these systems. We are the biggest supplier of this equipment in Czech Republic and the only specialized company. Our spectrometers are used for chemical analyses and physical measurements. We are also offering qualified service, periodical verifications of correct operation of spectrometers, spectral libraries, development of dedicated software and user trainings. We provide an application support, automation of techniques, development of analytical methods etc., all free of charge for all our customers. Last but not least, we organize periodic Nicolet user meetings and we co-operate with Ioannes Marcus Marci Spectroscopic Society in holding of public seminars focused on infrared and Raman spectroscopy.


Application and consulting service: Mo – Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM on telephone/fax numbers: + 420 272 760 432, +420 272 768 569




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