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Correlation nanoscopy for organic, inorganic and hybrid material analysis

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FT-IR spektroskopie a mikroskopie, FT-NIR spektroskopie:

Seized Drug Analysis Using FT-IR with mixture searching webinar  
Fire science gas analysis by FT-IR 
Advanced ATR Sampling 
Problem Solving with Molecular Spectroscopy in Industrial Laboratories 
Micro-ATR Techniques for Infrared Microscopy 
Basics of FTIR Spectral Interpretation 
FT-IR Transmission Sampling: Faster, Easier, Cheaper 
Getting the Most from your ATR Sampling Accessory 
Quick and Easy Solution to Teaching FT-IR Analysis 
Solving Problems in Industry with Vibrational Spectroscopy  
Quick and easy solution to teaching FT-IR analysis  
Teaching Spectroscopy in the highschool chemistry Classroom  
Fluid Bed Dryers and Mixers (NIR)
Real-time Infrared Spectroscopy for Materials Characterization 
The Advantages of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Polymers 
Cell Culture and bioprocess analysis by NIR spectroscopy 
Edible Oil Analysis by NIR Spectroscopy
Raw materials identification (NIR)
Near Infrared Analysis of Biofuels
Exploring polymer product characteristics with Image-Guided Infrared Microscopy 
Introduction to NIR method development 
Smarter FT-IR spectroscopy for Polymers and Rubbers 
Infrared and UV-VIS spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical QC  
Advantages of Near Infrared Analysis in the Food and Feed Industries  
Smarter FT-IR spectroscopy for general analytical services 
Smarter FT-IR spectroscopy for Forensic 
Smarter FT-IR spectroscopy for Pharmaceuticals 
Near-infrared spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process
Polymer Analysis: Combining FT-IR with other spectroscopic methods  
Smoke toxicity measurement using FT-IR spectroscopy
Polymer analysis from Raw material to formulation
Dried Dairy products Analysis by FT-NIR 
In-Situ monitoring of Gas-Liquid reaction with NIR spectroscopy
Combining Rheometry with FT-IR Spectroscopy: Benefits and Applications 
Advantages of Monitoring Industrial Gases using Online FT-IR Spectroscopy
Chemical Detectives: Solve the Mysteries Behind your Polymers
New Solvent-free Infrared Method for Oil & Grease in Water
FT-IR Spectroscopy for Structure Elucidation of Proteins
Spectroscopy Simplified: ATR sampling in FT-IR
Applications of GC-IR with real world samples
FT-IR spektroskopie versus Vánoce :-)
Spektroskopie pro polymerní aplikace v automobilovém průmyslu
Foundations of FTIR Microscopy: Sample Prep to Analysis in the Automotive Industry
FTIR Futures: Materials Analysis with a Multi-Range FTIR Spectrometer
Infrared Spectroscopy for Measuring the Effects of Ammonia in Auto Exhaust Emissions
Driving Confidence in Your Process: Tools for FTIR QA/QC

NOVINKA:  Is your food safe? What FTIR microscopy can bring to the table

Ramanova spektroskopie a mikroskopie:

Raman Analysis for Geology and Mineralogy Disciplines
Raman Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for the Modern Gemologist
Raman Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for Challenging Polymer Samples
Characterization of Microcrystalline Silicon with Raman
Analytical Raman Spectroscopy for the Forensics Lab
Introduction to Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for Routine Analytical Environments
Representative Raman Spectra from Carbon Nanomaterials 
Raman Spectroscopy as it Applies to Carbon Nanotechnology
Simplified Analysis of Complex Mixtures
New Raman Instrumentation - Opening Spectroscopy to New Frontiers in Academic and Industrial Fields
An Introduction to Modern Raman Spectroscopy
Measuring Graphene Thickness with Raman Spectroscopy
Inks and Document Analysis using SERS Sampling
SERS for Food Safety
Rethinking Raman 
Use of Raman Micrscopy for Analysis of Polymer Food Packaging  
Layer Thickness Measurements on Graphene Thin Films Using Raman Spectroscopy 
Raman Spectroscopy for Geologic and Mineralogic Analysis
Introducing DXR Raman Microscope for Multi-user and Interdisciplinary Labs 
Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Materials: Obtaining Representative Measurements  
Illicit tablet analysis using Raman Spectroscopy
Raman and infrared microscopy of minerals and fluid inclusions 
Raman Spectroscopy advances in the Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Graphene Oxide 
Accelerate Your research: Raman for multi-user and Interdisciplinary labs 
Hendheld Raman: Cut costs, improve efficiency and move toward 100 % testing.  
Characterizing New Graphene Devices with Multiple Spectroscopy devices
Rethinking Raman Imaging: Turning Data into answers
Integrated AFM-Raman for materials science research  
Normal and Cancerous Oral Mucosa Analysis with Raman Spectroscopy
Raman Imaging: Unlocking Solid Dosage Form Evaluation
Potential of Raman microscopy in the field of packaging analysis
Rethinking Raman for Multi-user and interdisciplinary labs
Characterisation of wound healing progress with Raman Spectroscopy
Label Free cellular analysis with Raman microscopy
Characterisation of Battery materials
New applications of SERS for analysis of edible oils, essential oils and fats
Characterizing Energy Storage Materials with Raman Spectroscopy
Integrated Raman Atomic Force Microscopy - A Powerful Technique for the Comprehensive Understanding of Materials
Cell and tissue investigation by spectroscopic Imaging
Combining Rheometry with Raman Spectroscopy: Benefits and Applications in Materials Research
Introduction to polarised Raman microscopy
Portable Raman Analysis for Novel Vaccines